15 commentaires comiques d’internautes sur Michael Jackson

26 June 2009 - posté par Grimouille
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Note: j’ai un sens de l’humour particulier…



I’ll make sure to dangle something off my balcony to show my respect.


This will be televised for days now. It’s going to give the wolfs in Washington a chance to rape the country.


What did Michael Jackson say to O.J. Simpson?
You take care of your wife, and I’ll take care of your kids.


Born a black man, died a white woman.


Glad I didn’t buy my concert ticket.


Couple months we can reshoot that Thriller video….


I hear he choked on a small bone.


– His music will be missed
– His music will be missed? It’s still available, dickhead.


I’m going to drink a Pepsi. And grab my crotch. Is this appropriate?


Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett. Now MJ. No kidding, Joan Rivers really dodged a bullet this week…


He probably watched Transformers 2…


Will he be buried or recycled? All that plastic can go to a good cause. not an easy question in these enviromental-focused time


-Lmao, Karma is a bitch
-Guess what? You’re going to die, too, one day.
-Yeah but hopefully he won’t die a child molester.


– Really? MJ dead ? It’s totally unbelievable
– Not totally unbelievable, he was looking a little pale…


Your porn buddy has the task of going into your house when you die and removing all of your porn so no one else finds it, and you are tasked with the same thing if he goes first. Hope he had a porn buddy.

7 réponses à “15 commentaires comiques d’internautes sur Michael Jackson”

  1. NiceGuy dit :

    I heard they are gonna extract the plastic inside his body and make Lego out of it. They kids are going to play with MJ body for a change.

  2. La Grimouille dit :

    Docs said it was food poisoning. I guess 12 year-old meat really is bad for you.

  3. Varlo dit :

    As a result of his death, his London dates have naturally been cancelled. They were James (9) and Timothy (11)

  4. Le fantome dit :


  5. NiceGuy dit :

    Ça change pas le fait que MJ a déjà affirmer trouver normal qu’un adulte dorme dans le même lit qu’un enfant.

  6. NiceGuy dit :

    Do you know what KMART and MJ had in common?

    Both of them had boy’s pants half-off.

  7. La Grimouille dit :

    Je ne me tanne pas!